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#onebillionhappy – An Urgent Call for Humanity

Onebillionhappy – An Urgent Call for Humanity 'In 2014 I lost my son as the result of a medical error during a routine surgical procedure.' by Mo Gawdat I've been fortunate in that I was in a position where I learned so much in my corporate career, and also have the ability to dedicate more and [...]

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How to Cure Depression in a Half-a-Billion Men

I have been dealing with depression for 70 years now. My book, describing my own healing journey, begins with these words “I was five years old when my uncle drove me to the mental hospital.” He was taking me to see my father who had been committed to Camarillo State Mental hospital after taking an overdose [...]

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The Secret of Happiness: A Loving Father & Son Share It with the World

Mohammad “Mo” Gawdat is a man who had it all. He has a degree in engineering paired with an MBA degree. He is a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded more than twenty businesses. He worked at IBM and Microsoft before joining Google in 2007 to start its business in Emerging Markets. Over a period of [...]

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Mo Gawdat’s Moonshot for Humanity: Interview Part III

ITW: Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of legislators or tech experts to curb technology and AI? MG: Some of us believe that we can control what those artificially intelligent machine are going to be doing by programming them differently or by regulating them in a highly regulated government environment or whatever that is. Yeah, a [...]

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Mo Gawdat’s Moonshot for Humanity: Interview Part II

ITW: How does technology weigh in the happiness equation? What does happiness and technology have to do together? MG: The attempt to achieve happiness at the global scale is nothing new. Most spiritual teachings were actually trying to get us to find that peace inside us. We've never had a time where we can share [...]

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Mo Gawdat’s Moonshot for Humanity: Interview Part I

ITW: Mo Gawdat, tell us about your career and how did you come to create a movement to make one billion people happy… I spent the last 11 years of my life working at Google. I started emerging markets for Google and opened almost half of Google's offices globally. Then, I moved to Google[x], where [...]

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The only two things you can control in life

Many people I know, all over the globe, were in the exact same situation back in 2008. They thought they had it all figured out—right up until the U.S. housing bubble burst, triggering the largest economic crisis the world has faced since the Great Depression. The market crash took away most of the equity [...]

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